Jade Barbosa on bars at ESPN2's Pro Gymnastics Challenge in April, 2013

Just a Number: Jade Barbosa is 2023 Brazil National Champion at Age 32

August 22, 2023 admin 0

Jade Barbosa’s first appearance representing Brazil in the Olympics was the 2008 Beijing Games, fifteen years ago. But right now, in 2023, she is staging a stunning comeback, returning to competition at the age of 32, and has just become Brazil’s 2023 All-Around Champion in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. I’ll keep this post brief, and instead merely provide a link to an article on thegymter.net, since I could not possibly tell the tale half as well [read more]

Did Somebody Call a Doctor? 2004 Stanford Team Yields 3 MD’s

August 20, 2023 admin 0

This evening I was watching a rebroadcast of the 2022 PAC-12 Women’s Gymnastics Championship, and when I saw a shot of Stanford head coach Tabitha Yim, it inspired me to write this article that I have been meaning to do for a couple of years now about the extraordinary 2004 Stanford University women’s gymnastics team, and specifically three of the extraordinary athletes on that team. It’s based on a fact that I discovered while doing [read more]

Chellsie Memmel 2008 Olympic Trials

Chellsie Memmel, Alicia Sacramone Quinn Named to Lead USAG’s WAG Program

January 20, 2023 admin 0

In June of 2022, there occurred probably the most encouraging sign yet since the dark days of the Nassar/Penny/Károlyi regime that indicates USA Gymnastics is truly attempting to transform the organization’s governance and the the management of the US national elite program to include the interests and perspective of the athletes themselves. That sign was when Alicia Sacramone Quinn and Chellsie Memmel were appointed to top USAG leadership positions. Memmel, 2008 Olympian and former world [read more]

Soviet-Era Documentary Features Mukhina, Filatova

March 3, 2021 admin 0

[There is nothing particularly disturbing to watch in this video as far as falls or injury, but the kind of training it depicts provides a sobering reminder of the danger and occasional tragedy of the sport, especially when coaching ignores athlete safety] Years ago I found a fascinating late-1970s Soviet gymnastics documentary (link below), which seems intended to show the very hard work required for a gymnast to achieve world class excellence — to deconstruct [read more]

Jan. 29, 2005: The Night Alicia Sacramone’s Career Almost Ended

March 3, 2021 admin 0

I was there at Parkettes on January 29, 2005, the night Alicia Sacramone’s career almost ended. I had made the hour and a half drive up to Allentown and was excited to see Alicia compete in person, as she was already a star, having won vault at the 2004 World Cup in Birmingham a few months before, more than 3 years before the 2008 Olympics. That chilly January night in Allentown, she originally had planned [read more]

college gymnast on bars

35th annual Girls & Women in Sport Day – February 3, 2021, or NCAA Gymnastics Makes You Feel Good About The Sport

February 19, 2021 admin 0

Please forgive me for not having posted in such a long time, but I’m going to try to make up for it in the coming weeks. To start off with, here is something I posted to my personal Facebook page (for all of my Facebook friend, few of whom are gymnastics fans at all) on February 5th, with just a few relatively minor edits. It’s pretty off the cuff and there are parts I would [read more]

Olga Korbut balanced on the top bar

Please Bear With Me While I Rebuild Gym2Day After Site Crash

January 14, 2020 admin 0

The site experienced a crash in late December and I have not been able to recover it, so I am rebuilding, redoing each post one by one from text files, adding images and captions by hand. This will take a little while to complete, but I hope to have things close to back the way they were before the end of January. I’ll be leaving out a few old posts that may not be worth [read more]

Kristal on Balance Beam at finals of the 2001 US Junior National Championships in Philadelphia August 9-11, 2001

Kristal Uzelac Back In The Gym: Can the Record-Breaking Junior Phenom Make a Comeback as a Super Senior

May 17, 2019 admin 0

The February 2019 issue of Inside Gymnastics contained the surprising news that Kristal Bodenschatz (née Uzelac) is back in the gym in a capacity other than coach: she’s training for an attempted comeback competing in International Elite gymnastics. The story of Kristal’s career is one of unprecedented triumph & seemingly limitless promise at the junior level, followed by a senior career marked by injuries and disappointment, culminating in not even being invited to the 2004 [read more]

Biles Dominant in Return, Owns 2018 US Classic

August 1, 2018 admin 0

(all photos are mine) In her first competition since the 2016 Rio Olympics, Simone Biles of World Champions compiled an astounding 58.7 score to handily take the all around at the 2018 GK US Classic July 28 in Columbus, Ohio. And if not for an unexpected fall as she absolutely attacked the uneven bars, she would have swept all four events and set some kind of record for combined score. MG Elite’s Riley McCusker came [read more]

gymnasts on awards stand

Leanne Wong Avoids Errors to Take US Classic Junior Title In Convincing Fashion

August 1, 2018 admin 0

Kayla Di Cello of Hill’s had a good day, winning UB, with only a poor BB routine keeping her from challenging Wong for gold.(all photos are mine) Leanne Wong’s 55.35 all-around total was 1.35 points ahead of second place Kayla Di Cello of Hill’s at the 2018 GK US Classic, held Saturday July 28th at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio. Wong, of GAGE took first on vault (14.65) and floor exercise (13.4) and third [read more]