Still photo from movie "Stick It" of gymnast Mina Hoyt (Maddy Curley) talking on an imaginary phone

Interview With Gymnast & Actress Maddy Curley

November 14, 2017 admin 0

(Photos: 1. Courtesy Disney 2. Bierbaum 3. Courtesy Maddy Curley) I recently had the opportunity to chat via email with multi-talented Maddy Curley, and she graciously agreed to an email interview for Gym2Day. Maddy is probably best known for her role as “telephone girl” Mina Hoyt in the 2006 gymnastics film “Stick It” (starring Jeff Bridges and Missy Peregrim), but she is also a former elite, a UNC Tar Heels all-arounder, an actress, screenwriter [read more]