Photo I took of Morgan Hurd on floor exercise at 2018 US Classic

Local Gal Makes Good: Morgan Hurd Wins 2017 World All-Around Championship

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[This post was originally published on May 30, 2018, & I have recreated it from archived code, the pictures are the only thing I changed when recreating it] Okay, this is old news. But I haven’t posted about it here at all, and I can’t let it go by unmentioned. [EDIT: Oops, I forgot that I did post about this at the time, saying much the same as I say below; but I did not [read more]

I posted about Mukhina earlier; Here’s a happier ending for Sang Lan, Chinese Gymnast paralyzed at ’98 Goodwill Games, gives birth to son in ’13

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[The post about the Soviet documentary with Mukhina referred to in this post was lost in the site crash; I have recreated it here] I mentioned in a previous post about the Soviet-era documentary, how Yelena Mukhina, who was featured prominently in it (including clips that clearly showed the pressure her coach put on her), was only months away from her tragic injury. Well, in an attempt to counter that depressing story a bit, I [read more]