Olympus’ Vandertoolen (12-13) & Love’s Zhou (10-11) Take Hopes All-Around

July 28, 2018 admin 0

(All photos are mine) Alicia Zhou of Love Gymnastics took the all-around in the 10-11 year-old class by more than 2.5 points at the 2018 GK Hopes Championships held July 27 in Columbus, Ohio. Zhou took first on BB and second on VT and UB on her way to a total of 50.4 on the day. Baylie Belman of WOGA came in second AA with 48.7, despite a second on BB being her only placement [read more]

photo of gymnast Olga Korbut doing straddle leap on floor exercise

Vintage “Complete Book of Gymnastics” (1978) hardback features Olga Korbut & Other Legends of Gymnastics of the 1960s & 1970s

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David Hunn’s 1978 book, “The Complete Book of Gymnastics”, cover photo is USSR’s Maria FilatovaFor the next few days, I will be totally focused on the gymnastics of today and tomorrow, as in less than twenty-four hours I will be leaving for Columbus, Ohio for the GK US Classic to watch today’s top stars, along with the GK Hopes Championships, which is all about the future of the sport. This promises to be an exciting [read more]

In Through The Out Door: Going From NCAA to Elite Gymnastics

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As most of you reading this know, the path of a serious female gymnast usually follows one of a handful of familiar patterns. Of course I’ll first mention that anywhere along these various paths, injury may also bring the end to a career, which is an ever-present risk at every level of the sport (and I know there can be other paths for a gymnast’s career, I generalizing here). In some cases, the gymnast may [read more]

Photo I took of Morgan Hurd on floor exercise at 2018 US Classic

Local Gal Makes Good: Morgan Hurd Wins 2017 World All-Around Championship

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[This post was originally published on May 30, 2018, & I have recreated it from archived code, the pictures are the only thing I changed when recreating it] Okay, this is old news. But I haven’t posted about it here at all, and I can’t let it go by unmentioned. [EDIT: Oops, I forgot that I did post about this at the time, saying much the same as I say below; but I did not [read more]

I posted about Mukhina earlier; Here’s a happier ending for Sang Lan, Chinese Gymnast paralyzed at ’98 Goodwill Games, gives birth to son in ’13

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[The post about the Soviet documentary with Mukhina referred to in this post was lost in the site crash; I have recreated it here] I mentioned in a previous post about the Soviet-era documentary, how Yelena Mukhina, who was featured prominently in it (including clips that clearly showed the pressure her coach put on her), was only months away from her tragic injury. Well, in an attempt to counter that depressing story a bit, I [read more]

head shot of actress Maddy Curley

Maddy Curley Interview (part 2 of 2)

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In the second part of my interview with actress, screenwriter and former elite and NCAA gymnast Maddy Curley gets a little more serious. She talks about : Hollywood casting biases regarding women and the difficulties getting roles as a muscular, powerful woman; a wave of former elite women gymnasts hired to top NCAA coaching jobs; the current crisis in USA Gymnastics caused by the Dr. Nasser sex abuse scandal and the wider zeitgeist revolving around [read more]

Still photo from movie "Stick It" of gymnast Mina Hoyt (Maddy Curley) talking on an imaginary phone

Interview With Gymnast & Actress Maddy Curley

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(Photos: 1. Courtesy Disney 2. fotosportif.com/J. Bierbaum 3. Courtesy Maddy Curley) I recently had the opportunity to chat via email with multi-talented Maddy Curley, and she graciously agreed to an email interview for Gym2Day. Maddy is probably best known for her role as “telephone girl” Mina Hoyt in the 2006 gymnastics film “Stick It” (starring Jeff Bridges and Missy Peregrim), but she is also a former elite, a UNC Tar Heels all-arounder, an actress, screenwriter [read more]

smiling gymnast presenting to judges

Stick Bonus? Say What??

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(Photo by JB) You might think that USAG elite events like the Secret US Classic or P&G Championships are judged according to the FIG Code of Points, period. The Code of Points is the Code of Points, right? Well…not quite. One difference is that in domestic meets, USAG has added a “stick bonus” onto all four apparatus. The stick bonus is (as of 2016) .1 for really nailing a landing. All USAG international elite and [read more]

Delaware Junior Morgan Hurd Making a Splash in US Gymnastics

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Something I didn’t previously mention in debriefing the P&G Championships bears pointing out. After seeing her compete in both 2014 and 2015 and seeing her progress in that time, I’d like to make special mention of Morgan Hurd. I want to highlight her both because she shows all signs of being a rising star destined for great things, but also because she is from my home state and trains at a gym just a dozen [read more]

In Indianapolis, I Saw the Future

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The first big-time gymnastics event I ever attended was the 2001 U.S. National Championships in Philadelphia. One of the juniors was 13 year-old Carly Patterson (that’s a photo of her on beam I took there). Though she had recently won the US Classic, she had a disastrous day one, and while she climbed back to third overall, she only placed in the top six on one event. Not the kind of consistency that usually impresses [read more]